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Welcome To

A simple, open and extendible voice assistant project!

Open Source Brain

Add natural language understanding and contextual responses to your home or project!

Extend With Skills

Extend P-Brain to do absolutely anything you can imagine by building simple Alexa-like skills

Designed To Be Simple

Natural Language

P-Brain uses natural language processing to turn your query into an actionable command. Just like humans do!


With javascript being one of the most accesible technologies available, it was a no-brainer for P-Brain to be written in it.


Extend what can do with simple javascript skills that once built, can be installed with a simple drag-n-drop into the 'skills folder'.

Get Involved

Get It On GitHub

The entire project is open and free, as any good project should be! Check it out over on GitHub.

Learn On YouTube

Follow along with the progress of this project on my YouTube channel. I post turotial videos about using here too!

Donate To The Project

Buy the project maintainer (i.e Pat Quinn) a cup of coffee or a beer. Thats his fuel source

See It In Action!

(Say 'Hey Brain' followed by your command!)